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Win an iPod nano from grey two-eleven productions and Hot Topic! 
10:25pm 03/12/2005
  grey two-eleven productions and Hot Topic have teamed up to give away an awesome assemblage v1.0 prize pack including an iPod nano, a copy of assemblage v1.0, and a load of CDs from bands on the DVD. Go here to check out the complete listing of prizes and enter for your chance to win.  
08:53am 28/07/2005


pleaseeeeeee we're dying..

we need you to be our life support.
11:33am 27/12/2005

break free... add them to your mix tape.
01:50pm 17/05/2005

Join! Do it, you wont.
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grey two-eleven productions presents "assemblage v1.0" 
01:23pm 05/03/2005

grey two-eleven productions presents

a music video dvd compilation


Featuring videos from:

The Beautiful Mistake, The Bled, blueline medic, Choke, Copeland, The Dismemberment Plan, The Exit, Glasseater, The Jealous Sound, .moneen., Name Taken, onelinedrawing, Open Hand, Poison The Well, Rainer Maria, Sunday Driver, Thursday, Ultimate Fakebook, The Waking Hours, and The Weakerthans

With original music by:

concisebloc. and false mover

Visit www.greytwoeleven.com to view the teaser and sign up for the grey two-eleven productions email list.

09:33pm 06/01/2005
  Please pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested.


ANYONE WHO CAN PLAY THE HELL OUT OF SOME DRUMS PLEASE VISIT WWW.CONCISEBLOC.COM then go to the "SONGS" section of the polaroid pic on the right side of the site and listen to the new record "all i should have said..." and if DEEP DOWN in your HEART you FEEL that you COULD WITHOUT A DOUBT ROCK THOSE SONGS AND FIT IN OUR BAND LIKE A BROTHER WILLING TO SHED HIS BLOOD FOR THE OTHER... then contact Cloud Kennedy at contact@concisebloc.com and we will try you out... cause we are in the market for a SINCERE HARD HITTING DRUMMER THAT IS ALL ABOUT THE LOVE FOR A DIFFERENT SOUND!!!

"Screaming past turns into silent future" - 7" pre-orders... We need your help 
10:30am 30/12/2004
  Hey there,

This time it's some news from the DEAD MAN WALKING camp and we really need your help. Some guys from Belgium who are just starting up a new label called KILL ME TWICE RECORDS who will concentrate on releasing vinyl records are interested in releasing the 7" version of our "screaming past turns into silent future" CDEP which was released (and sold out) on STRIVING FOR TOGETHERNESS RECORDS. They totally love our songs on that cd and really like to release it but as the cd is out for more than half a year now they are thinking about the financial risk they may take... So their offer is as follows: if we make it to get 100 - 150 pre-orders for that piece of vinyl they will release it... So this goes out to all you vinyl lovers out there... help us out and pre-order your copy now by putting your name and email adress in an email and sending it to info@dead-man-walking.com. Every help is really appreciated.

To those who haven't heard of us yet you can expect 7 songs of pissed-off modern old school hardcore influcenced by bands such as American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost, The Hope Conspiracy, Unbroken, Panic and the likes. You can check out some mp3s at http://www.dead-man-walking.com

Please forward this to all your friends and help us out by posting it on message boards...

Lexi // Dead Man Walking
i think you should all consider joining! 
07:51pm 07/08/2004

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10:12pm 30/07/2004
mood: crappy


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06:08pm 15/06/2004



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11:03pm 20/05/2004
mood: cheerful
A lovely community dedicated to pretty emo boys xixheartxemox
01:43am 17/05/2004
  If you let me have my way... i SWEAR ill tear you apart.Collapse )  
12:20am 12/05/2004

mmmm im angsty

so ttrrue!

for my x
01:26am 26/04/2004
three new tracks up from my upcoming album. these ones are a lot better than the last ones. so check them the fuck out!

please, again, give me any contructive criticism possible. it is appreciated
(sorry for crossposting)
11:52pm 04/04/2004
  Help me out. I've got three pre-mastered songs from my upcoming album How New England Was Lost and Where To Find It. I've put all three tracks up on purevolume.com. I need two things from people. 1) give me a good honest opinion on them. 2) which one do you like the best?



Ps. if you've listened to my stuff before and not liked it, try this out, it's like a party for your ears
07:25pm 09/03/2004
mood: curious
im from NJ and a gentlemen in a nice pair of "girly jeans" is one of the biggest turn ons for me, amongst some other things.... so hey, if you guys are daring and wanna give me a hit back my sn is - i bleed love xxx - dont be shy! here is just some info on me

height - 4'11"
weight - 100lbs
hair - short and brown and black - im changing it... and growing it
eyes - they change -hazel, brown, green, and gold
...jeeze just im me - i have pics!

latta kids!

Jenna X Core!
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Dead Man Walking - new mp3s 
01:49am 08/03/2004
  DEAD MAN WALKING - new outfit from germany. cd will be released by Striving For Togetherness Records in May.


taken from the upcoming CDEP "Screaming past turns into silent future":


taken from the sold out demo


opinions are more than welcome...

take this into you and eat the rest of my pain into your head take it and go fucking go 
08:37pm 27/02/2004
  why does love stain my face?
why do i feel that i am the one who should have to bleed for your tears?
why am i so afraid that i can't even move?
when does something thing good feel even better when i am worn out and covered?
why does it burn even when my wounds are far healed, and my razor is well hidden?
why can I not go through even one nite without resorting to another kind of sky?
another kind of me and even more pain then either of us could ever handle.
more then what we say we want, and less of what we know we need.

these words, red, written, and read on me
so illiterate but so well read
so insecure, but you still lock me up
so empty, but you still seem to fill my heart and empty my head
i know your scared, because i feel it in your kisses.
i know by your touch - rough - painful - and jealous
you question me, and why i am. i dont question you - i just know!
you maynot see this, or you just might close your eyes to it.
you may think that this is all a lie, or that i am nonexistant, but even if your gone
my hurt will only beat your name.
my hurt will engulf my heart - flooding what ever is left inside and eating me from the inside out
letting my pain run from my head - letting me feel how much i need you, when i know you will never come back
how can i think of you with out whitewalls, and slow ceiling fans,
how can i think about you breaking me
you cutting me,
you kissing me.

but your heart is better then your hurt
11:23pm 20/01/2004
  hey. i just finished recording some new stuff & am looking to get it out there. a quick history: distant victory began as an indie-acoustic-emo project of mine back in the early days of 2003, though i began writing songs as early as 2001. similar bands include remember maine, the lyndsay diaries, dashboard confessional, the early november... you get the idea. in august i hooked up with 3 friends at school, all who had other music projects at the time and they accompanied me for a full band album recorded on weekends in my friend's basement (sounds MUCH better than most basement recordings).

songs range from the raw solo-indie works of remember maine (traces seen in DV's sunday in spring and everest) to harder rock pieces heard by the early november (DV's forever crumbling down and defeated discovered deceitful) to a more harmonic, less whiney dashboard confessional (DV's summer nights and exit signs).

three downloads available at purevolume:

more downloads available off links from my website:

so far, i've received some fairly positive response from people around the states, with an occational dashboard hater complaining about emo and sad bastard children. i assure you... though my songs may be sad, i am far from it.

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04:09pm 19/01/2004
listen to streaming audio, sign up for the message board, and perry off death for a day because it is a virtual fountain of youth
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