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"Screaming past turns into silent future" - 7" pre-orders... We need your help

Hey there,

This time it's some news from the DEAD MAN WALKING camp and we really need your help. Some guys from Belgium who are just starting up a new label called KILL ME TWICE RECORDS who will concentrate on releasing vinyl records are interested in releasing the 7" version of our "screaming past turns into silent future" CDEP which was released (and sold out) on STRIVING FOR TOGETHERNESS RECORDS. They totally love our songs on that cd and really like to release it but as the cd is out for more than half a year now they are thinking about the financial risk they may take... So their offer is as follows: if we make it to get 100 - 150 pre-orders for that piece of vinyl they will release it... So this goes out to all you vinyl lovers out there... help us out and pre-order your copy now by putting your name and email adress in an email and sending it to info@dead-man-walking.com. Every help is really appreciated.

To those who haven't heard of us yet you can expect 7 songs of pissed-off modern old school hardcore influcenced by bands such as American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost, The Hope Conspiracy, Unbroken, Panic and the likes. You can check out some mp3s at http://www.dead-man-walking.com

Please forward this to all your friends and help us out by posting it on message boards...

Lexi // Dead Man Walking
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